Facilities Services

SSC is the Texas A&M University contractor providing maintenance, custodial, and landscaping services to our campus. Students, faculty, and staff may access these services directly via:

  • AggieWorks - a front end website which allows the campus community to report or request work on campus.  This website is for SSC maintenance, SSC custodial, SSC landscape, SSC Engineering, Design, Construction Services (EDCS), TAMU Utilities and Energy Services (UES), and TAMU Building Access.
  • e-Builder - a project management software utilized by SSC Engineering, Design, Construction Services (EDCS) to facilitate projects and serve as a tool for the Texas A&M community to stay up-to-date with their projects.
  • SSC Contact Information
    • SSC has a twitter page. Tweet your custodial, landscape, and maintenance issues @ssc_tamu.
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COVID-19 Response

Fall 2020 Cleaning Protocols