Dining Credit

Update 3/26/2020 –

We have received a high volume of requests and appreciate your patience.  If you have submitted a request, please do not submit a secondary request.  Your submission is timestamped and will be processed with the appropriate refund based upon the timestamp.  Duplicate requests are increasing the processing time.  If you have not yet submitted a request, please do so on the form below.


Dining: Students who wish to receive a refund (or credit) for dining must apply by filling out the following form; the students’ dining privileges will be suspended the business day following their application. This refund (or credit) will be calculated based upon the total amount of unused dining dollars and a prorated amount for meal plans based on the length of time between the business day following their application and May 9, 2020.

For dining, students may choose to either apply any prorated amounts as a credit to their Fall 2020 student fees  or receive a direct refund. The amount of any refund will first be used to reduce any existing balance in the student’s fee account, with any remainder refunded via direct deposit.

Meal Plan Credit/Refund

If any questions, please email fda@tamu.edu.