FAQs Related to COVID-19 Dining Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Refunds Due to COVID-19


When will I receive my refund/credit?

We have begun sending batches of refund requests to Student Business Services for processing. Please see Status Monitoring table for more information. If requesting a credit applied to Fall 2020, these will be held until a date determined by Student Business Services. We anticipate this occurring in August. We are working through a large volume of requests and appreciate your patience as we reconcile your final balance data. We will be distributing emails within the upcoming weeks indicating the dollar value of your refund/credit.

How much will my refund/credit be? What is the calculation?

While we were providing on-campus dining services in a to-go format, we understood students’ decisions to not return to campus made it inconvenient for them to utilize these services. Our normal policies are as follows:

  • Meals: Credits/refunds/carryovers are not permitted for unused meals.
  • Dining Dollars: Credits/refunds/carryovers are not permitted for unused dining dollars beyond the end of the spring semester.

However, because of the unusual circumstances of this situation, we modified these policies to provide credits or refunds as follows:

  • Meals: Were refunded or credited students on a pro rata basis.
  • Dining Dollars: Were refunded or credited in full for any unused dining dollars.
  • Calculation for Meal Value is as follows:
    • Student Meals associated with Block Plan are purchased in increments of 45, 100, 130, 165, 200, and 240
    • Guest Meals associated with the plan are 5 Meals for plans 100 and above; or 1 Meal for the plan with 45
    • Total Meals = Student Meals + Guest Meals
    • First Day Meal Plans Active = January 10, 2020
    • End of Semester = May 9, 2020
    • % of Semester Remaining calculates from the Business Day following submission of application through May 9, 2020
    • (Plan Price - Dining Dollars) / (Total Meals) = Cost Per Meal
    • % of Semester Remaining x Student Meals x Cost Per Meal = Refund/Credit for Meal Portion of Plan

Due to the large volume of requests received, we are unable to answer individual questions related to value of your specific refund or credit at this time. The final refund (or credit) is calculated as described above based upon the pro-rated amount for the meal portion of the plan combined with the total amount of unused dining dollars. Your application is timestamped when you click ‘Submit.’ We will be distributing emails within the upcoming weeks indicating the dollar value of your refund/credit.

How will I receive my refund/credit?

All entries, both refunds and credits, will be posted to your student fee account. The amount of any refund (or credit when applied in Fall 2020) will first be used to reduce any existing balance in your student fee account, with any remainder refunded through the standard direct deposit process established by Student Business Services. For information about the refund process with SBS, please visit their Refund page.

How does this impact my financial aid or scholarships?

Please contact Texas A&M University Financial Aid for specific financial aid or scholarship related questions.

Does the Credit Applied to Fall 2020 option have to be used for dining?

The credit will be applied to your overall student fee account, regardless of whether you choose to purchase a dining plan.